Friday, January 25, 2008

Gaydar "profiles itself as the patent holder" of gender evolution!

image coutesy of harvard law school

We were recently contacted by Legal agency on behalf of "Gaydar", an internet gay meeting site, that was apparently furious about the existence of our open creative project. Apparently, because the words "Gay" and "Darwin", in internet browser language ( that is as read by computers and not by intelligently human beings) would be confused(?) with their trade-marked brand-name "Gaydar"! They also claimed on behalf of "Gaydar" that our own project name "Gay Darwin" was intentionally misleading. We explained to them that this point of view was quite an arrogant one particularly since the entire concept of social Darwinism pre-existed their trademark 150 years or so.

They furthermore insisted that we should "hand-over" Gay Darwin to them because, constitutes a deliberate infringement of their trade-mark (Gaydar) because... we couldn't possibly not have known about "Gaydar" when registering our domain!!!
Now I have nothing against Gaydar and wish them all the success in the future but someone should inform them that they have not reinvented the wheel, nor the facsimile, nor have they conquered the universe (at least not in my neighborhood), while as of yet the word "Gaydar", in contrast to the word "Coca-cola", still gets a little red line under it in my spell-checking software.

Not to say that our project is gods-gift to humanity either, it is merely a humble initiative, of creative artists. We're honest, we're creative, we're hardworking but we have no large corporate backing, no great clout. Does this mean we will have succumb to such badgering and intimidation? No. Its a matter of principle.

What next.... pray I may? A descendant of Darwin shows up with claims on his great grandfathers theory?

If anyone else holds claims he/she owns the rights to the first 3 letters of our domain as well,... "Gay", please let us know so we can split this site up fairly. If this happens to be you perhaps you should speak up now. Speak up god!

Needless to say to all you 'swindled' and 'confused' readers, that we are not affiliated to "Gaydar", we certainly don't offer gay meeting, gay dating or gay chat services..... but I think that was already pretty obvious wasn't it?


Speaking of patents however, and on a happier note, take a look at the new patented Cock Ring by esculpta that we just received photos of!

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