Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gay nude beach fun

'It takes balls' to wear Le cockring II

One great thing about nudist beaches is that without the necessity of swim-wear or clothes, there's very little to worry about regarding fashion - and dressing to impress.
Okay, so you arrive at your nudist beach in say Mykonos and within in a second you're off with your latest yummy pair of Aussiebum or Vizeau undies. It's great to swim nude, but if you're fixated on fashion like me, and you've recently invested in the hottest couture swim-wear, won't you find yourself in a small identity crisis?
The answer is not if you're well prepared! You're now surrounded by hot studs, beefcakes, tottys, huge muscle-bulging gorillas, and naturist grannies and you begin to feel the glare of everyone on the beach. You think that everyone is observing your penis size, but then you realize that the whole nudist beach has simply been observing your silver cock ring lushly wrapped around your 'family jewels' from the night before.

Can you handle the attention? It takes balls to wear this piece! Discover Esculpta's Le cock ring II and other wearable erotic art.

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